Portrait of Grand Duchess Ekaterina Pavlovna


The artist is Kiprensky

Ekaterina Pavlovna (May 10, 1788, Tsarskoye Selo − January 9, 1819, Stuttgart) − Grand Duchess, fourth daughter of Emperor Paul I and Maria Fedorovna. In the first marriage (1809−1812) − wife of the Duke of Peter Friedrich Oldenburg, in the second (1816−1819) − King Wilhelm I Württemberg.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 110.

Queen Vyurtsberg (nee. Grand Duchess Ekaterina Pavlovna; 1788–1819) – Fourth daughter of Emperor Paul I and Maria Fedorovna. Beloved sister Alexander I. In 1808, the emperor of France Napoleon I had the intention of getting to the Grand Duchess Ekaterina Pavlovna. In 1809, at the request of her mother, she married Prince George Oldenburg, who died on December 12, 1812. I recruited a second time on January 12, 1816 with the Crown Prince Württemberg Wilhelm, who in the same year became the king. From the first marriage she had two sons: Friedrich Pavel Alexander (1810–1829) and Prince Peter Georgievich Oldenburg (1812–1881).

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