Portrait of the artist and. I AM. Bilibin


The artist is Kustodiev

For this portrait at an international exhibition in Munich in 1902 (1901?) Kustodiev received a class II medal. (AT. Prince.). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 66.

Bilibin Ivan Yakovlevich (1876–1942) – schedule, theater artist, painter. Member of the "World of Art". In 1922–1936 he lived abroad.

A large place in the creative heritage of Kustodiev is occupied by portraits. As a member of the association "World of Art" He planned to write a group portrait of members of the association by writing a sketch (1920) to it and creating separate portraits of all his associates to unite. Ivan Bilibina Kustodiev wrote several times. Portrait of 1901 – the earliest.

Bilibin Ivan Yakovlevich (1876, the village of Tarkhovka near St. Petersburg – 1942, Leningrad) – schedule, theater artist, painter, teacher. He graduated from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University (1896–1900), at the same time studied at the RS of IOPH (1895–1898); At school a. Ashbe in Munich (1898), in the studio m. To. Tenisheva (1898–1900) U and. E. Repin; at VHU at IAX (1900–1904). He made trips to Switzerland and Italy (1898), Vologda, Arkhangelsk (1902, 1903) and Olonets (1904) provinces, to England and Ireland (1908), to Crimea, Palestine and Syria (1924) and others) and others) and others). After the revolution and before returning to his homeland he lived in Cairo, Alexandria, Paris (1920–1936). Following e. D. Polenova became the creator of the new school of book graphics, which turned the illustrated book into a work of art. Member of the association „World of Art "(since 1900). Member of the exhibitions „World of Art ", SRX and others. Drawn for magazines „World of Art", „Zhupel ", „Hell mail ", „Golden Fleece "and others. He taught at the RS IPH (1907–1917), at the Institute of Painting, Sculptures and Architecture (1936-1942).

Firebird of Ivan Bilibin – documentary (channel "Culture")

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