Portrait in. AT. MATE


The artist is Kustodiev

Portraits are one of the significant aspects of the work of Kustodiev, who created a wide portrait gallery of his contemporaries. It was as the portrait painter Kustodiev first performed in the art arena, considering this genre his calling. The successor and. E. Repin, who studied from him at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1896-1903., In many ways close to the teacher, Kustodiev took a new step in the development of portrait painting. The artist performed portraits with a free dynamic smear, in a kind of sketch manner, preserving the freshness of the first impression.

MATE Vasily Vasilievich (1856–1917) – engraver. Professor-head of the engraver workshop of IAX, academician of engraving (1899). Kustodiev studied his etching. The portrait is written in the Academic apartment of MatE. At the table – Ida Romanovna Mate, the artist’s wife.

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