Portrait of the artist p. AT. Basin


The artist is Kiprensky

Kiprensky wrote a portrait p. AT. Basina in 1829 in Rome, about which Basin informed his father on February 16, 1829, sending a portrait to St. Petersburg. Subsequently, Basin gave a portrait to his son -in -law artist m. G. Sukhorovsky, who sold it.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the portrait belonged to e. M. Tereshchenko, in 1918 was transferred to the Russian Museum. In 1940, the portrait became part of the mobile exhibition from the funds of the Russian Museum (on the route Nalchik-Kerch) and was lost during the Second World War 1941-1945. In 1997, the portrait appeared at the auction Christie as work about. AND. Kiprensky (image of an unknown person) and was identified. N. Petrova.

Basin Peter Vasilievich (1793, St. Petersburg-1877, St. Petersburg). Painter; Author of religious, historical and landscape compositions, monumentalist, engraver. The son of a St. Petersburg official. From 1811 he visited drawing classes under IAX as an outsider. In 1813 he received a small and large silver medals. Since 1816 he was engaged in painting at in. To. Shebuev. In 1818, for the painting “Christ expelled from the Jerusalem Temple of Speakers,” was included in the number of IAH pensioners for a trip to Italy. From 1819 to 1830 lived in Italy. In 1830 he returned to Petersburg. In 1831 he was recognized as an academician and enrolled in public service in IAX. In 1836 he received the title of professor of the 2nd degree, in 1846 – the 1st degree, in 1856 – Honored, taught at the IAX until 1869.

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