Portrait of the river. Montenegro


The artist is Yakovlev

Roberto Montenegro-I-Nervo (1886–1968)-Mexican artist, in the future director of the Mexican Museum of Folk Art and art critic. A native of the city of Guadalahakhara began his art education at an early age in his hometown. He later entered the San Carlos Academy in Mexico. In 1905, the Ministry of Education provided the young artist with the opportunity to internship in Europe, where he remained until 1920, originally in Paris, later in Madrid, which allowed him to establish close friendly relations with many large artists and writers. Probably during this period, the Mexican artist met a. E. Yakovlev, who, together with his friend in. And. Shuhaev, after studying old painting in Italy in 1913-1915, visited Spain and on the island of Mallorca.

Upon returning to Mexico from Europe, Montenegro manifested a great interest in folk art, he published a book "Mexican painting" (1800–1860), participated in the creation of frescoes in such important structures as the college of saints Peter and Paul, the Ministry of Education and others.

The picture was first shown at the exhibition "World of Art" In Petrograd at the end of 1915.

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