The artist is Kustodiev

Balagan – an indispensable attribute of Russian festivities. As the brightest example of folk art, he is for an artist – the main source of inspiration. Front devils and parsley jumping, bucks in drums. Noisy, fun, interesting. Colorful sledges of the cabs delivered a steppe audience to the beginning of the festivities. Shrovetide is a wide, colorful, rampant and tasty holiday. Posters promise the speeches of strong men and many other amusements. Near shopping rows: hot shotin, pancakes, caviar, cold vodka. The carousels will spin all day for fun to people. And around winter, trees are shrouded in dazzling hoarfrost. Freezing. Spring is still in hope… Picture – the artist’s memory of another, lost life. This is one of many works b. Kustodieva, who opened painting the world of the Russian province with bright, sonorous colors, with rampant fun, with noisy bazaars and fairs, with naughty in Shrovetide, with fungans’ amusements and scenes of platform theaters. This is life, cheerful, well -fed, carefree, seen by the inquisitive eyes of a slightly ironic and witty storyteller.

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