Portrait of the singer e. N. Glebova


The artist is Filonov

Glebova (nee Filonova) Evdokia Nikolaevna (1888–1980) – younger sister of the artist, singer, teacher of vocals. E. N. Glebov after the death of his brother and his wife, e. AND. Serebryakova, in the blockade Leningrad, leaving in 1942 to evacuation, transferred works. N. Filonova for temporary storage in the Russian Museum. Upon returning carefully kept them at her. Secondly transferred the legacy of Filonov to the Russian Museum in 1960. In 1977, she brought as a gift to the museum of 300 works of painting and graphics, and shortly before his death wasqueathed another 15 works.

“Portrait e. N. Glebova "Brush" Troubles of the Hill "Pavel Filonov is a decisively different work from what the artist creates at the same time. There is neither the freedom of handling of nature, nor the frightening encryption of the image, nor ordinary polyphony of expressive means. On the contrary, the artist’s interest in the classics suddenly manifested itself here. Involuntarily recalls the long hours spent by him in the Hermitage, when he, stopping at the paintings of the masters of the northern revival, was amazed at the absence and simplicity with which they portrayed their heroes. A special feeling of trust gave birth to carefully written details of the ordinary situation, invading the canonical images of the saints. Evdokia Glebov was for Filonov the closest person in the family. He admired her musical talent and always listened to her opinion, therefore it can be assumed that, more conservative in his tastes and judgments about art, Glebov herself somehow influenced the choice of a manner in which a portrait was written. However, according to Filonov, he could work in any manner, the main thing is to find a plastic language equivalent to the image. (O. Sh.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 117.

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