A ridiculed kiss


The artist is Somov

Somov’s work is inseparable from organized in 1898 in St. Petersburg the art association “World of Art”. In his art, the most finished expression features inherent in the visual practice of myriskuns – high professional skill and subtle artistic taste, magnificent knowledge of the culture of the past, retrospective stylization. The main features of Somov’s work were most fully manifested in the peculiar plot paintings about the careless fun life of the nobility of the 18th century, which are elegant love scenes in the landscape and interior. He depicts gallant gentlemen and graceful ladies in ancient costumes walking in parks, entertaining, playing love. The artist captivated by grace, refinement, the beauty of the toilets of his heroes, but at the same time he shows their inherent internal emptiness and spiritual fracture, the ghost of their existence. The nature of the characters and actions, the culis construction of space emphasize the irreality of what is happening. Somov’s works are distinguished by stylization and grotesque, they are imbued with romantic irony, skepticism. The painting “ridiculed kiss” is indicative for Somov – a piquant scene whose acting faces are funny, mannered, people like dolls. A large role in it is played by the landscape. Written according to previously made field sketches and, due to this, due to this, a living sense of nature, it at the same time contains a decorative vision of form and color.

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