Portrait of the St. Petersburg post-director to. I AM. Bulgakova


The artist is Briosks

Bulgakov Konstantin Yakovlevich (1782–1835) – youngest son of a diplomat I. And. Bulgakova. In 1797 he was enrolled in the service of a foreign affairs collegium. Under Alexander I, it was calculated over the state to the Vienna mission, then sent to the command of the Commander -in -Chief of the Podunay Army. M. Kamensky. In 1814-a real state adviser, in 1816-the post-director in Moscow, in 1819 he was transferred to the same position to St. Petersburg. At K. I AM. Bulgakov was established a message through diligenes, as well as a permanent St. Petersburg city mail. In 1822 he concluded a postal convention with Prussia and Austria, which accelerated the delivery of letters from abroad. In 1826 – a secret adviser, in 1831 – director of the postal department. He was known for wide charity, love of literature and art, the organization of numerous charitable evenings, made friendship with many artists, contemporaries-colleagues (in particular with A. R. Tomilov). The author of the correspondence, which has become a chronicle of Russian life of the early 19th century.

Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 109.

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