Old wounds


The artist is Korzhev

Traces of the war … – This can be called the majority of works related to the dashing of the war years, which have become real originals of emotions, emotional unrest, important and tragic memory.

Korzhev always avoided politics, remaining true to himself and his creative credo. “I have always proceeded in life from the fact that I have the right to do what the soul lies to. This is the main right in life. It is not given from above and is not at all awarded by someone. He must be fed with his honest attitude to the case to which he devoted himself. I think I won it. And therefore always wrote only what I want." – said the artist. In the works of Helia Korzhev about the war, a person is always important – a stern hero who has passed through the crucible of the war years, fell, but retained the firmness and stamina of the spirit, surviving many hardships and not forgetting anything. E.B. Mogilevsky, c.M. Akhunov. Materials for audio guide at the exhibition "Memory" for the IZI platform.Travel. 2020

The painting “Old wounds” Helia Korzhev is just about memory. The veteran already habitually cannot fall asleep even many years after the war. And here it is impossible to say with confidence what exactly woke an elderly warrior in his peaceful bed: aching combat wounds or wounds of the soul, which will never heal completely. According to the memoirs of many front -line soldiers, they were tormented by nightmares for many years, harsh sounds woke up and scared, and the smell of fresh meat and red were unbearable. Egor Mogilevsky. “The best memory is true to them …” // Memory. To the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War . SPb, 2020. With. 10.

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The heroes of Korzhev are already middle -aged people who have lived their lives by no means. It was during these years that the male type of worker, soldier, peasant formed in the artist’s work. This is a middle -aged person, with a somewhat severe gaze, with all appearance embodying reliable power, which will rather die than deceive or betray. The origins of these images for Korzhev were the human dramas of his contemporaries, who passed the war, the maximum reliable, tearing the heart of the life experience of former front -line soldiers, many of whom, like a person – the hero of the picture, fell to a share of a bitter joy to try to live again. The author managed to recreate an epic poem about the heroism and selflessness of the people.

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