Portrait p. With. Runich


The artist is Argunov

Runich Pavel Stepanovich (1747–1825) – the son of a native of Hungary, studied in a land gentry corps. He was in the commission to investigate the uprising of Pugachev. The author of "Notes on the Pugachevsky riot". Friend n. And. Novikova. Under Paul I – Governor in Vyatka and Vladimir. Secret Counselor, Senator (1805). Honorary amateur of Iah.

Depicted in a senatorial uniform with the orders of CV. Alexander Nevsky (cross and star on the tape) and. Anna of the 1st degree (cross on the neck); On the chest, the medal β€œIn memory of the Patriotic War of 1812” (bronze on Vladimir tape). On the table lies a sheet of paper with the inscription: "Opinion / secret adviser, senator and / cavalier Runich".

The portrait was executed as a program for which the author received the title of academician (1818).

Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 64.

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