The artist is unknown

According to stylistic signs and as a result of technological research dates back to the 1830–1840s. An attempt to give the picture for work A. G. Venetianova is explained by the fact that she has a certain compositional resemblance to the “swimsuits” written by this artist in the 1829-early 1830s. The type of model, its hairstyle and body proportions are close to those that are characteristic of Venetianov’s “swimwear”, but a number of stylistic features do not allow this work to be considered a work of the artist himself or representatives of his school. First of all, the emotional system of the picture differs sharply from the characteristic of Venetian’s workshop of simple -minded realism. The author’s desire to create an idealized image and the use of the master of techniques of body modeling and drapery (multi -layer screening technology) that are not practiced at the school give reason to suggest that this is the work of a graduate of IAX, who only externally experienced Venetian’s work.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 235.

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