Self -portrait


The artist is Bryullov

After exhibiting the picture „The last day of Pompeii “In 1833, in the Brera Berra Gallery, he was elected an honorary member of the academies of elegant arts in Milan and Florence, ah in Bologna and Parma. Then the Uffizi Gallery in Florence requested a portrait of the artist for its famous collection of self -portraits that has existed since XVI in. This portrait was intended for the Uffizi Gallery. He was started by Bryullov during his stay in Milan. The departure to Russia prevented the end of the portrait, and the artist left it as a sign of friendship of the family of Carlo Kadeo (San Protaso in Milan), with whom he lived for more than a year. Later, the portrait was inherited by the daughter of Kadeo, the wife of Dr. Urnyani, from whom he was acquired by engineer Rakevich.

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