Under the old apple tree


The artist is Zhilinsky

The creative aspirations of the artist were most manifested in the genre of the portrait and its varieties of portrait-hearth. One of the features of the art of Zhilinsky is that it reveals in the particular not momentary, and most importantly, stable, determining personality of a person. Zhilinsky gravitates to the images of clear, collected, intellectual, relying in the creation of them on the art of old masters, primarily the early Italian Renaissance and Old Russian painting. Open circulation to this heritage in the creation of modern images is perceived as a program. “In art, I love the accuracy of expression, the completeness of the form, in my understanding …” The works of Zhilinsky are beautiful by the decorativeness of pure color tones, the melody of lines, plastic silhouettes, and the harmonion of the composition. The technique of his letter is not quite common. The artist often writes a tempor to Levkas, which gives increased coloristic sonicity to works. “SCS gymnasts” – in essence, a group portrait of famous Soviet athletes who won the team and in the individual standings first places at the Olympiads, the world championships and European. Among them – in the back of Polina Grigoryevna Astakhova (genus. 1956), three -time Olympic and two -time world champion, Boris Anfiyanovich Shakhlin (genus. 1932, "Iron Shahlin", as it was called by athletes and spectators for sports courage and will to win), three -time Olympic and two -time world champion, Yuri Evlampyevich Titov (clan. 1935), Olympic champion and absolute world champion, later the President of the International Federation of Gymnastics. There is a kind of individual setting of thoughts, will, feelings. This can be seen in faces, significantly in the expressiveness of gestures. The clarity and clarity of the composition, the severity of angles, the purity of color, like the characters, are psychological in their own way. (AND. D.). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 297.

Among the depicted: Astakhova Polina Grigoryevna (three -time Olympic and two -time world champion) and Shakhlin Boris Anfiyanovich (three -time Olympic and two -time world champion). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 297.

Like many Pictures of Zhilinsky, this is a work dedicated to the artist’s mother, autobiographically. In it, the author depicted two generations of the Zhilinsky family. Next to the matter Anastasia Fedorovna (1898–1987), the image of which is captured in the foreground of the picture, there are two children under the apple tree – her grandchildren. The frame created by Dmitry Zhilinsky, used by the artist as an additional image field, brings tragic notes into the work. On the left on the frame the artist writes the figure of his father, Dmitry Konstantinovich (1900–1939), repressed, executed (1939) and posthumously rehabilitated, on the right – the image of a brother who died at the front (1944). In the upper part of the frame, the inscription: "I devote to my mother". Thus, the frame becomes not only a complement, the end of the picturesque canvas, but also its integral part.
Painting "Under the old apple tree" In its white paint painted with white paint with two images placed on it, Old Russian icons with stamps in the fields causes in memory. The technique in which the work is made (temporal colors on Levkas) also comes from ancient Russian icon painting. Love for her was instilled by d. D. Zhilinsky of his teacher – in. AND. Favorsky and n. M. Chernyshev.

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