Girl in a T -shirt


The artist is self -wrapping

The prototype was Adamova Evgenia Petrovna (1907–1977) – teacher.

The portrait, exhibited in 1937 at the International Exhibition in Paris and marked by the gold medal, is among the most famous in Soviet art, is a milestone in the work of its author. “The implementation of the images of my contemporaries of those years in the painting of the images of my contemporaries,” Samokhvalov recalled in painting. The exclamation of "Bravissimo" welcomed the work and. E. Grabar, famous critic a. Efros considered the “magnificent” depicted.

On the "EXPO" in the French capital, the heroine of the portrait was called "Soviet Jaconda". The artist portrayed the activist teacher Evgeny Petrovna Adamova, who retained until the end of his days amazing soulfulness and passion. The typical features of a person of his time are also embodied in her appearance – with his spontaneity, enthusiasm, determination. Not only to the model itself, but also with painting, strict, concise and at the same time sophisticated, Self -praise asserted a kind of ideal of simple beauty. Signs of monumentality distinguish the clear architectonics of the composition, the breadth of writing, the “fresco” texture, the dynamism of the image. “Girl in a T -shirt” is a work that embodied the idea of ​​an era, “a wonderful contemporary, a girl who was not before”. (AND. D.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 230.

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