Worker (portrait in Goluba)


The artist is Pakhomov

The "worker" of Alexei Pakhomov occupied one of the central places in the exhibition of the exhibition of the Youth Association "Circle of Artists" in 1927 (timing). The model of Pakhomov was his wife, an employee of a tobacco factory. However, it is quite obvious that the image gravitates to type of type than characterizes individuality. For this, Pakhomov selects certain techniques that allow him to emphasize the monumentality, the elevation of the image. A fair -haired young woman is depicted in generation. The proportions of her body are slightly increased in comparison with the nature, which makes the impression that the character is “close” within the canvas. A dynamic turn of the head and torso smoothly “stops” with the solemn rhythms of the folds of clothing, remotely reminiscent of the robes of the characters of the frescoes of the early Renaissance. Later Pakhomov recalled: “The spiritual clarity and purity of youth, her desire for nobility and the sublime are immensely attractive, and I involuntarily emphasized a wide open look, harmony and vigor of posture, readiness for action. I more often began to peer into the ancient art and art of high revival and more and more appreciate them. ". (O. Sh.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 198.

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