Herodias with the head of John the Baptist


The artist is unknown

Herodiad (about 15 to n. e. – After 39 N. e.) (Matt. XIV, 3) – The granddaughter of Herod the Great and sister Herod Agrippa I. Was the main culprit of the martyrdom of John the Baptist, who openly denounced her vile adultery. Herod, as the evangelist Mark tells, was afraid of John, knowing, "that he is a righteous husband, holy" (MK. VI, 20). Nevertheless, Herodiad managed to arm Herod to Antipu against him. Salome, according to her mother, spoke to the king and asked him as a reward for her dance the head of John the Baptist on a dish (MK. VI, 17–29). The plot extremely common in European art starting from the Renaissance. In Russia, it could only be used in academic painting. According to stylistic and technological signs, the picture can be dated to the first quarter of the XIX century and brush a. P. Losenko does not belong. At the same time, the nature of the image belongs to an earlier time. It is very possible that the picture was written by a Russian artist in Western original or engraving.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 194.

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