ANT-20 “Maxim Gorky”


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"Fiction of the Future" for artists of the 1920-30s is a world of unlimited technical capabilities, the world of movement and speed. Airships, trains, cars and planes often became the main characters of the works of that time.

The painting "ANT-20" Maxim Gorky "is the most significant of the few surviving works of Vasily Vasilyevich Kuptsov. In the wake of universal interest in aviation, parachute sports, aircraft modeling in the 1920-1930s, the artist considered the theme of aviation one of the most important in the visual arts and turned to the topic "flights" repeatedly. The picture was written in 1934, in the year of the creation of this largest aircraft of its time, intended for agitation and propaganda.

In October 1932, in a group of writers and journalists on the day of the 40th anniversary of the literary activity of Maxim Gorky, the idea was born to create the largest plane in the world, naming it in honor of the writer. Built with folk money (about 6 million were collected. rub.) This air colossus was intended for campaigning and was equipped with a powerful Voice from the sky, printing house, radio stations, a photolaboratory, a sound installation for demonstrating open -air films, a library, etc.P. The cabin of pilots was equipped with the latest air navigation devices. For the first time in aviation practice, a ladder was used to land, which in a cleaned position became part of the floor. In August 1934, the plane became the flagship. M. Gorky.

Under the wings of a giant aircraft, accompanied by a squadron of fighters and multi -colored parachutes, is the Peter and Paul Fortress and Neva, the arrow of the Vasilievsky Island and the Admiralty building, the winter palace and palace area (at that time, the area of ​​Uritsky was called). Balloons fly into the sky. A festive crowd moves through the streets. The city, brightly illuminated by the rays of the sun, is revealed from the height of the Maxim Gorky flight in all its beauty. Kuptsov was a spiritual follower of Filonov and a passionate propagandist of the analytical method. In his picture, the Filonian concept of form growth was peculiarly embodied, where the magnificent panorama of St. Petersburg-Leningrad grows from small particles laid out like a mosaic.

Programs/Films about this work in the media text:

ANT-20'Максим Горький'
Holidays on Palace. Two paintings from one era. Kuptsov and Kustodiev
Creation year: 2015 | Multimedia film | Language: | Duration: 16:24

The film is dedicated to two famous works from the collection of the Russian Museum, paintings B.M.Kustodieva "A holiday in honor of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern July 19, 1920. Demonstration on Uritsky Square ”(1921) and in.AT.Kuptsova "ANT-20" Maxim Gorky "(1934).

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