The artist is Malevich

The artist has developed a special theory of abstract art – Suprematism. According to the author, the Suprematic compositions created by him should have reflected "The liberation of the artist from imitative submission of things to the immediate invention of creativity". Figures in the picture "Athletes" The task of the color and rhythmic organization of the composition, alienated from the real meaning of being and aimed at the concentration of their own dynamics and energy that overcome the categories of time and space, is completely subordinate to the task of the color and rhythmic organization of. The color and compositional construction of the canvas is subordinated to the principles of symmetry, the facelessness of the characters is designed to emphasize the global cosmic perception of the world, the author’s idea of ​​the superpersonal essence of art, which in no way depends on the individuality of either the artist or the spectator.

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