Heavenly battle


The artist is Roerich

Roerich prone to mysticism was a passionate fan of ideas „all -unity "and „Russocosmism ". His favorite motive was the ancient north – harsh, with powerful hills and cold, transparent lakes, still poorly populated by people. Pictures of the master are perceived as insights in the archaic era of Indo -European civilization. One of the best among them, the fruit of the amazing intuition of the Roerich-artist and the scientist- „Heavenly battle ", where in phosphorescent, swirling, pierced by the marvelous light of cumulus clouds, as it were, it is captured „The program of “Future history of the Earth with figures of demons and good messengers, knights-leaders and boar-dealers, sages and silhouettes „prophetic stones ". Another hypostasis is depicted „The Golden Age of “Humanity, when it still lived in harmony, unity with itself and space.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 265.

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