View of Sorrento near Naples (“with the house of Torquato Tasso”)


The artist is Shchedrin

Sorrento (Ital. Sorrento) – a small city in Italy on the southern coast of the Gulf of Neapolitan, in the campaign region. In 1544, the famous Italian poet XVI in Sorrento was born in. Torquato Tasso. In recent times, he became the place of residence of Goethe, Wagner, Nietzsche, Gorky, Ibsen, Byron, Stendhal and many other outstanding personalities who made living in Sorrento a kind of cult. Shchedrin lived regularly and worked in Sorrento since 1825, writing a lot of landscapes in his environs. The artist himself called this motive "Sorrento’s view with a Tassa house". In fact, the house where Torkvato Tasso (1544–1595) was born, back in ancient times fell into the sea along with part of the shore. In the 19th century, with the name Tasso, legend was associated with one of the old houses on the rocky shore of a small cape separating the large and small harbor of Sorrento. Shchedrin painted his picture from a large harbor, looking from west to east, in the direction of a small harbor. In the background, the clustering of Sorrento’s closing water area is visible from the east of the mountainous Puno Puno Poutolo peninsula with its extreme point – Cape Graudella. Currently, there are five options for this plot: one at a time in the timing, in the Alupkinsky Palace-Museum, in the Primorsky Picture Gallery (Vladivostok), two in the GTG.

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