Sleanment of the canvas


The artist is Goncharova

About 1907 Goncharova was one of the first among young Russian artists who opposed impressionism their expressive painting. She was attracted by the acute characteristics of unprofessional art: children’s drawing, folk pictures-raids, painted provincial signs. Neopimitivism for her was the way into the sphere of pure artistic intuition. She turned to the motives of the life of the peasantry, in her interpretation of social assessments traditional for the national painting. The artist had interest in "From the age" repeating classes – whiteness of the canvas, harvesting, washing underwear. Deprived of narration and "Timely", These scenes with self -extinguished, as if sacred heroes are perceived as a ritual coming from antiquity. This sensation is facilitated by weighted and simplified forms of figures, arms, legs of the characters, which was affected by the fascination of the artist with archaic plastic Scythians. Peasants in elegant and bright South Russian clothes are perceived in the picture as revived Scythian sculptures with their mysterious and unperturbed faces.

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