Portrait m. I AM. Naryshkina with sons Leo and Sergey and daughter Alexandra


The artist is a preschool educational institution

Naryshkin Lev Kirillovich (1809–1855) – son to. AND. them. I AM. Naryshkin. At the end of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, he served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then transferred to military service, participated in the war with Turkey (1828–1829); An official of special instructions of the Ministry of the Interior, Controlled General of the Control Department of Civil reports.

Naryshkin Sergey Kirillovich (1819–1854) – the youngest son to. AND. them. I AM. Naryshkin; retired military; novice in Optina Desert.

Naryshkina Alexandra Kirillovna (1817–1856) – daughter to. AND. them. I AM. Naryshkin; In the first marriage-Countess Vorontsova-Dashkova, in the second-Baroness de Plili.

Portrait of the family. SPb., 2014. With. 213.

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