Portrait of Alexei Romanovich Tomilov (1779-1848)


The artist is Kiprensky

Tomilov Alexey Romanovich (1779–1848) – artillery education officer, collector and art lover, collected a large collection of works of Russian and Western European painting and graphics. Syn engineer-General-Russian and Senator Roman Nikiforovich Tomilov (1741–1796) and Ekaterina Petrovna Tomilova, birth. Shamsheva.

At birth, the horse regiment was recorded in the Life Guards. In 1791, he was transferred from the guard with the rank of engineer-captain as an adjutant to his father. In 1799 – commander of serfs in Kronstadt. He left military service in 1808, but in 1812 he joined the colonel in the ranks of the St. Petersburg militia, and Polotsk was seriously injured in the capture of Polotsk.

At the end of the war, he devoted himself to elegant arts, his house became the place where artists, literature figures and musicians gathered. He became one of the founders and a permanent member of the Committee of the Society for the Promotion of Artists (since 1820), as well as the Honorary Free Commercial Music (1833).

Alexey Romanovich Tomilov – one of the creators of the aesthetic theory of Russian art. Separate fragments of the work of “Thoughts on Painting” appeared in the journal “Old Years” (1916).

Many years of friendship a. R. Tomilova with about. AND. Kiprensky found expression in portraits performed by the artist: two picturesque (1808 and 1828; both in timing) and pencil (1813; timing).

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