Portrait l. M. Brodskaya on the terrace


The artist is Brodsky

In 1908, the author received the title of artist for this portrait and painting “Warm Day”. (G. To.). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 130.

Brodskaya (nee Hoffmann) Lyubov Markovna (1889–1962) – poetess, artist’s wife. Since 1940 I lived in Moscow. Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 130.

In the summer of 1907, preparing for the execution of the thesis, Brodsky lived in the dacha of the sculptor in. AND. Beklemishev, not far from the academic cottage. Joint work at the academic dacha was of great importance for the self -determination of young artists. Pupils of different workshops came here – Repin, Carders, Kuindzhists, Makovtsy. Artists who came from Moscow and St. Petersburg were shot in the surrounding villages of the cottage. It was here, in the village of Berezki, Brodsky found the topic of his thesis. Working on sketches, he often visited the shore of the lake, where a bench stood near the sculpture of the marble lion. Here he had an idea to make a portrait of his wife, whom he had long wanted to write against the background of the landscape, directly from nature, right on the open air. Two weeks later, a portrait of a young wife in a profile sitting on a bench near a balustrada with a lion was mostly ready, and Brodsky took him to an academic workshop for revision. In 1908 for this portrait and picture "Warm day" The author received the title of artist.

“A portrait of his wife, a beautiful brunette in a black dress sitting near a marble lion on the lake, simply surprised me,” wrote a. AND. Rylov. – This work is not student. The figure of a woman, a landscape with a lake pulled by a light ripples, a distant sky, saturated with the light of a quiet summer day, speak of a great artist with a poetic soul. ".

The surface of the pond, similar to the mother of pearl, shimmers with pink, blue, yellow spots; The same tones are repeated on the statue of the lion, on granite, on the bench, mixing with greenish reflexes of branches hanging over the pier.

Brodskaya (nee Hoffmann) Lyubov Markovna (1888–1962) – a poet, the artist’s wife, was a beautiful, smart, educated woman. She loved music, painting, successfully worked in the field of decorative and applied art, engaged in painting on fabrics, was a member of the Union of Artists. In her youth, she wrote poetry, corresponded with a.M. Gorky, who helped her with advice in literary works.

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