Shipka-Sheinovo (Skobelev under a spike)


The artist is Vereshchagin

This picture c. AT. Vereshchagina completes its large -scale "Balkan series", uniting about 30 paintings, which the author created in Paris in 1878-1879 based on sketches and a collection of genuine objects brought from Bulgaria. In 1877-1878, Russia participated in the war with the Turks for the liberation of the Bulgarian from the Ottoman yoke. In the course of work, Vereshchagin twice came to the places of military operations, on the spike and in the vicinity of Plevna.

After the defeat of the Turks near Sheinov on January 9, 1878, the enemy army laid down the weapon. The picture belonging to the Russian Museum is an author’s repetition. It has strengthened the motive of the dramatic tension of the event, it is clearly shown at how expensive cost got a victory over the enemy. The frozen bodies of the dead Russian soldiers are lulling a snowy field in the foreground of the picture. On the left, at the foot of the mountain ridge, General M. D. Skobelev travels around the lines of Russian soldiers and congratulates them on the victory. In his retinue, a little at a distance, next to the banner, the artist himself depicts the white jacket. Soldiers answer the commander of the loud and friendly "Hooray!" and throw up the hats.

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