The battle of Leipzig on October 6, 1813


The artist is Moshkov

On May 4, 1815, the “former pupil of the Academy, an artist of the XIV grade Vladimir Moshkov” by the definition of the IAH council was given the program “to present a battle before the city of Leipzig at Vahaut’s heights, between the villages of the gunboats and Liber Volkovitsa, the former of 1813 of October 6 days, in the presence of their majesties of the Emperor of All -Russian and the King of the Prussian, led by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian-Prussian armies, General from the infantry Barclay de Tolly ".

The Battle of Leipzig 1813, called the "battle of the peoples", is the decisive battle of the campaign of 1813 in the war of Russia, Austria, Prussia and Sweden against Napoleonic France – took place from 4 (16) to October 7 (19). Forces of the parties: allies – over 300 thousand people with 1385 guns, the Napoleonic army – about 200 thousand people with 700 guns. On October 3 (15), only the Bohemian army of Field Marshal Schwarzenberg (133 thousand people with 578 guns) was located in the area south of Leipzig, against which Napoleon concentrated 122 thousand people under the command and. Murat, intending to break her up to the approach of the Allied forces. October 4 (16) of the Bohemian army began an attack on the Wahau – Libertnolvitz. Pereanced battles ended at 15 o’clock with a powerful blow of the French cavalry (10 thousand people), supported by strong artillery fire and overturning the battle formations of the allies. The threat of a breakthrough was liquidated by entering the battle of the reserve. A few days later, the battle near Leipzig ended with the retreat of Napoleon from Saxony. 1812 in works of art from the collection of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2012. With. 36.

The author of the picture-one of the first Russian Batalist artists Vladimir Ivanovich Moshkov-depicted one of the most acute moments of the battle, when the French cavalry tried to break through the Central Front of the Allies near the village of Vahau. They managed to break through to the hill on which the allied monarchs were located (Emperor Alexander I and King Prussian Friedrich Wilhelm III were allocated by lighting on the right side of the picture), but were stopped thanks to the counterattack of the Life Guards of the Cossack Regiment under the command of Colonel Efremov. For this picture, Moshkov received the title of academician.

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