The morning of the landowner


The artist is the Venetian

The picture depicts part of the cabinet of the landowner house with a regular, modest atmosphere. Through the narrow edge of the open window, the light of the early morning penetrates the room into the room. At the table sits a young mistress in a home dress, she gives a mandate to stately, beautiful peasant women. One of them, knee -deep, holds in his hand a bale of wool wrapped in red matter, the other, interrupting the conversation, turned a careful look at the viewer. The artist in the images of peasant women conveyed their calm dignity – both girls in the picture are no less significant than the young landowner. From the whole scene it blows the peaceful peace and comfort of the unhurried, measured life of the “noble nest”. Venetianov’s picture was painted in 1823, almost simultaneously with the “rural chapters” of Onegin. Not being literally an illustration, “the morning of the landowner” with its poetic atmosphere causes direct associations with the life and way of life of the Larins. According to a long tradition, it was believed that the picture depicts the wife of the artist Martha Afanasyevna in the room of the house in Saphonkovo.

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