Workshop of the artist a. G. Venetianov in St. Petersburg


The artist is Alekseev

For this picture in 1827, Alekseev was recognized as worthy of awarding the gold medal of the second dignity, which he received in 1829. In 1827, the picture was acquired. P. Pig for him "Russian museum". Like the rest of the collection, obviously, later, in 1834, was sold at auction in 1834.

The author is depicted, and. AT. Tyranov and n. With. Krylov.

Tyranov Alexey Vasilievich (1808-1859) – painter; From 1824 he studied with a.G.Venetianov, from 1825 to 1832 – in IAX U K. P. Bryullov. In 1839 he received the title of academician.

Krylov Nikifor Stepanovich (1802-1831) – painter; author of genre paintings and portraits. From 1825 he studied with a. G. Venetianov. Pensioner OPH. In 1827 he was awarded a small gold medal.

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