The artist is Vrubel

This work was a direct continuation of the heroic theme, which was scheduled for a panel "Mikula Selyaninovich". The impetus to work in this direction gave, in particular, paintings in. M. Vasnetsov, which the artist found "Not epic", as well as the work of the composer n. AND. Rimsky-Korsakov. The author managed to create a monumental epic image of the hero as a generation of powerful forces of nature. His figure occupies the entire surface of the canvas: "Slightly taller than a standing forest, a little lower than a cloud of walking". N. G. Garin-Mikhailovsky was amazed "terribly powerful and at the same time with an inert figure with childish eyes, least recognizing this power and so strikingly expressing it". The picture, which caused a strong rejection of many contemporaries, is now called a masterpiece of a painter along with "Pan", "Tsarevna-LEBEN" and other works.

Master class on plasticine painting

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