Donskoy on Kulikovo Field


The artist is Sazonov

Prince Dimitri Ivanovich (1350–1389) ruled Moscow after 1359. He united the Russian soldiers to fight the Tatar hordes of Khan Mamaia. On September 8, 1380, the Tatars suffered a crushing defeat in the battle on the Kulikovo field, for which Prince Dmitry Ivanovich received an honorary nickname Donskoy. 100,000 warriors led by Prince Dimitri came out of the Kremlin’s gate to meet the enemy. They fought heroically on the Kulikovo field. The prince went into battle, like a simple warrior, raising the fighting spirit of the army. The losses were huge, but the battle was won. Dmitry Donskoy was seriously wounded.

For this picture and for copies from the paintings of Caravaggio “Regulations in the coffin” and Titian “Earth and Heavenly Love” and for other paintings in 1830, Sazonov received the title of academician.

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