In the morning dew


The artist is a grabar

The still life was written in the Dugino estate, which was south of Moscow, in a beautiful place on the Pakhra River and belonged to the painter and entrepreneur n. AT. Meshcheryin, the son of the founder of the Danilovsky manufactory. In these places and. Grabar spent more than ten years and wrote all his masterpieces of the 1900s, including this still life. He apparently felt the taste for this genre while teaching at the Ashbe school, introducing the task of writing a still life "For the development of a sense of shape and color". Stents with gramors with grabar flowers could not appear in Dugino – the meshrins loved flowers, bought them with armfuls from village children, grown in their own greenhouse and brought them from Moscow. The artist wrote a still life on the early summer morning. The artist chose phloxes for the plot, abundantly covered with dew that had not dried up from night. It reflects the objects nearby, the rays of the sun, the sky. Using impressionistic techniques, the artist creates a poetic harmony of color, light, sun, joy and beauty.

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