The feat of Peter I during the storm


The artist is a Cocebu

Reduced copy-version of the picture to. Steiben "Peter I during the storm on Lake Ladoga saves drowning" (Museum of Fine Arts, Amiens, 1812).

There were many myths about the death of Peter the Great, including the legend of his fatal cold caused by the salvation of drowning fishermen, as well as the assumption of poisoning organized by members of the nearest circle. Karl Steiben in his dynamic composition, repeated by Alexander Cocebu, reproduced the first version, truly worthy of the heroic reputation of the great monarch. Steiben’s picture at one time made a great impression on the public and was acquired by Napoleon I. King Louis XVIII ordered her to reproduce her in the tapestry, which was sent as a gift to Emperor Alexander I (stored in the State Museum-Reserve "Peterhof").

Pavel Klimov. Exhibition catalog in Malaga "The Romanov dynasty". 2017. With. 197.

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