Apollo, Hyacinth and Cyparis, engaging in music and singing


The artist is Ivanov

Sketch of the picture stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The image of the characters of ancient myths – Apollo, Hyacinth and Cypress – the first topic over which A.AND. Ivanov began work shortly after his arrival in Italy in the fall of 1830. Mythical characters are endowed with the artist by external features, feelings, behavior of really existing people. The organic perception of antiquity and its refraction in its own works in an intimate-lyrical, and not heroic-extensive plan is one of the characteristic features of the interpretation of mythological plots by masters of a romantic direction. This work is a sketch of an unfinished picture with the same name, located in the State Tretyakov Gallery. In this work, there is a perfect possession of the form inherent in Ivanov.

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