Defense of Sevastopol


The artist is Deineka

Impulse to create a picture "Defense of Sevastopol" served photographs of the destroyed Sevastopol, which Deineka saw in early 1942. The idea of ​​the picture was born with the artist when examining his materials, albums and drawings on Sevastopol, where I had to work a lot before the war. Deineka acutely felt a love of the city, for its inhabitants and sailors who defended his beloved city, and an irreconcilable hatred of enemies who destroyed it.

The composition was based on a furious fight, the opposition of human aspirations, in a separate episode, the main idea of ​​the struggle for the Fatherland was focused in a separate episode. In the winter of 1942, Deineka brought from front -line trips numerous sketches that were used in the work. But this was not enough: the master made sculptural sketches in plasticine, over and over again, checking the correctness of the angles, wrote a naked nature to avoid inaccuracies. He had to invite a familiar athlete for posing, since there was no strong male model in Moscow – everyone went to the front. His "Defense of Sevastopol" Deineka entered the page in the history of world battle painting.

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"Dedicated to the heroic defense of Sevastopol"
Multimedia film participants in the contest of multimedia resources "Heroes and victories in Russian art"

Participants: Belyaev Timofey, 11 years old, Andrey Vladimirovich Belyaev (Dad)
Head: Luchko Irina Anatolyevna
IOC: School No. 45 of the Primorsky District of St. Petersburg

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