Portrait of Ermak


The artist is unknown

Ermak Tifomeevich (Vasily Timofeevich Alenin, 1540-1584?, five?) – Ataman of the Volga Cossacks, who laid the foundation for the accession of Siberia to Russia. In 1581 he broke Khan Kuchum, but in the next battle at Irtysh was wounded and drowned, "aggravated by iron armor given to him by John".

Ermaka portraits go back to several types. The most famous corresponds to the description of n. M. Karamazin: "He was noble, sanitary, the growth of medium, strong muscles and wide shoulders; had a flat, but pleasant face, black beard, dark hair, curly, light eyes, fast…". Chain mail and panagia in the portrait – gifts of Ivan the Terrible. Ermak’s identity was extremely popular in Siberia: his portraits hung in temples, state institutions and houses of Siberians.

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