Homer (working studio)


The artist is Korzhev

The left side of the triptych "Communists".

The artist who became the famous Triptiha managed to recreate an epic poem about the heroism and selflessness of people who gain freedom and sincerely believing in their right -handed cause. In the triptych "Communists" The artist recreates the characteristic features of the revolutionary era. With documentary veracity, he conveys the almost inhuman effort of the worker, raising the banner, which fell out of the hands of the murdered comrade ("Raising the banner"). And nearby, one of the Red Army soldiers who recently fought in the role of an artist sculpting the head of the Greek poet ("Homer. Working studio"). The other two recreate the recent "dashing" The time of the revolution and its main attributes: one plays a revolutionary anthem on the pipe, the other holds a red banner in his hand ("International").

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