The artist is Kustodiev

In the heritage of Kustodiev, a significant place is occupied by paintings that captured the originality of Russian folk life with its noisy colorful bazaars and fairs, booths, cheerful festivities on Shrovetide. He loved everything Russian: decorated with bizarre hut carvings, peasant utensils, painted toys, colorful sundresses and scarves. Much of this determined the style of his works – a decorative cast of color, somewhat simplified interpretation of forms. The use of some techniques of folk art was characteristic of masters „World of art ". March 22, 1916 from. P. Krachkovsky informed Kustodiev: “Repin wrote to me that he was delighted with your „Shrovetide "".

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 306.

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