The artist is Vinogradov

At the turn of the XIX – XX centuries, during the violent development of industry in Russia, part of the artistic intelligentsia connected the idea of ​​the loss of originally Russian traditions with the outgoing life of the landowner estates. Plots "cherry gardens" become favorite in the work of many Russian artists, among whom and with. AND. Vinogradov. The painter was formed under direct charm to. AND. Korovina, simultaneously developing the Levitan line "landscape-setting", Speaking the singer major in the mood of nature.

Landscape "Summer" – The top of the artist’s achievements. Its plot is deprived of the action: two ladies with sewing and books are located in the shadow of the trees. Organically existing in the landscape, they spiritualize it, introducing warmth, peace, peace. A peculiarly constructed composition of the canvas seems to enclose the image from the external environment and immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of a calm intimate world, where the lives of people and nature merge together, and the artist will be happy to coexist in it. Intensely painted wall of the house acts as a leading color chord. She dominates the canvas, subjugating the entire coloristic solution of the composition. The artist masterfully conveyed to the light -air environment in the landscape, enveloping all the transparent warm air living in it. He, like other representatives "Union of Russian artists", He sequentially studied the basic laws of play -rendered painting, using individual elements of impressionism. It was in this work that the artist came closest to solving purely impressionistic problems. With this picture, real success and recognition came to the artist: he was awarded the second gold medal at the international exhibition in Munich (1909), he had many fans. In about a decade, the artist created a large number of a kind of portraits "noble nests", which displayed a special aroma of time and nostalgia for the outgoing era.

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