Still life with pineapple


The artist is Mashkov

The beginning of the XX century. In Russian art – the time of revival and heyday of the still life, which discovered large searches in the field of form. The brilliant galaxy of the masters of this genre put forward "Jack of Diamonds". One of the leading among them was and. And. Mashkov. Already in the first courses of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where Mashkov was engaged in 1900-1909. at a. M. Vasnetsova, K. AND. Korovina, c. AND. Serova, his exceptional talent of the colorist was revealed. In the same years, in the creative life of Mashkov, a period of daring, sometimes reaching the extremes of experiments in the field of picturesque-plastic decisions, which causes "Stormy indignation" Professors. Mashkov is fond of the art of Cezanne and Van Goga. Russian folk art tells him a lot: painting on wooden toys, the scenery of market photo studio, signs of provincial workshops and groceries. In all this, he is looking for artistic techniques that could enrich modern painting.

"Still life with pineapple" – a characteristic work of the artist of this period. In it, he is largely close to understanding the decorativeism of folk art. The artist talentedly transforms the main motive of the Zhostovskaya painting into a plate with delicious fruits laid around pineapple. Fruits are more natural, their forms are simplified, emphasized by a dark contour and several geometrilized. And this leads to hyperboxation and pointed throwing of the image. The element of jubilant cheerfulness carries the flavor of still life – decoratively saturated and full.

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