Girls in the field


The artist is Malevich

On the subframe of the picture performed by Malevich in the 1928–29s, a very eloquent author’s inscription was placed: “Girls in the field” 1912. No. 26 "Supranaturnalism". The artist invented a new term. By uniting two concepts, “Suprematism” and “naturalism”, he thereby determined the originality of the plastic language of his works built at the merger of the geometric, abstract and figurative principle. The date, “1912”, threw back the emergence of “supranatelism” into the past, made it the source, the forerunner of the Suprematism.

In the picture "Girls in the field" The geometric base in the construction of figures, developed to.With.Malevich in the early 1910s. And in general the canvas "Girls in the field" Climbs with the early works of Malevich. This is not surprising: in the 1920s. The artist often turned to the repetition of different motives, probably due to the fact that the exhibition in Berlin in 1927., Basic mainly the early period of Malevich’s work, for a number of reasons remained abroad.

Style of works like "Girls in the field", developed in the process of rethinking cubism under the influence of national traditions – icons, bast and frescoes. The figurative solution of the picture is built on color and compositional rhythm, in this case, subordinate to the laws of symmetry. The artist focuses on this, drawing diverging from the center, painted in different colors "Rays". The emergence of a colorful background in Malevich’s compositions with figures, according to some researchers, is explained by the influence of the picture M. AT. Matyushin "Movement in space". Malevich emphasizes the facelessness of the characters of the picture, which corresponds to his idea about "Cosmic" perception of the world. However, in the composition "Girls in the field" there is a distant connection with generalized images of Old Russian frescoes.

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