Portrait of Prince Dmitry Ivanovich Lobanov-Rostovsky (1752-1838)


The artist is unknown

During the Patriotic War of 1812 he was engaged in the formation of reserve divisions, in 1813 he commanded the border reserve army.

Lobanov-Rostovsky Dmitry Ivanovich (1752–1838)-prince, military and politician, diplomat. In military service since 1779. Wars participant with the Turks. Distinguished when Ochakovo (1788) and Ishmael (1789). He was awarded the Order of St. George 4th degree. He became famous for his courage during the battle of Machin (1791) and was awarded the Order of St. George 3rd degree. For courage manifested during the assault on Prague (1794), a. AT. Suvorov to the Order of St. Vladimir 3rd degree, received from the commander in chief of the golden sword with the inscription "For courage". From 1797 retired. At the end of 1806 he returned to the service and was appointed the head of the 17th division, who brought Bennigsen to Tilsit the army.

Participated in negotiations with Napoleon preceding the signing of the Tilsit world (1806). Infantry General, awarded the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky and the French Order of the Legion of Honor. In 1808–1809, military governor of St. Petersburg. From 1810 to 1812-Governor General Livonia. Member of the State Council (since 1813), in 1817–1827 – Minister of Justice.

1812 in works of art from the collection of the Russian Museum. SPb, 2012. With. 74.

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