Fiord Christiania


Artist – Baranov -Russian

The picture was written during the artist’s stay in Norway (1915–1916). She carries a clear imprint of orfism on herself. This direction of painting, founded by a friend of Baranov-Rossin, French artist Robert Delune, whom he met in Paris in the early 1910s, is genetically associated with cubism, futurism and expressionism. Orphistan artists sought to express the dynamics of movement and the musicality of rhythms using the interpenetration of the main colors of the spectrum and the mutual overexposion of curved surfaces. During this period, the works of Baranov-Rossine are dominated by light spiral elements, in texture resembling iridescent silk and communicating compositions, a kind of lightness and dynamism. The female figure in the picture symbolizes Christiania.

Christiania – (Christiania), the name of the capital of Norway G. Oslo in 1624–1924, located on the shore of the Christian internal bay Fjord.

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