The artist is Borisov -Musatov

Among the masters who worked at the turn of the two centuries, Borisov-Musatov is one of the most original creative individuals. Romantic, Dreamer, He in the era of great shocks dreamed of a quiet, complete contemplation of life, deprived of anxieties and unrest. Born on the Volga, in Saratov, Borisov-Musatov studied at the studio of Saratov Society of Fine Arts, then studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (for some time at the Academy of Arts). An important role in the formation of his work was played by a stay in Paris, where he worked in the workshop f. Feed. In modern Western art, many-sided and colorful, the closest Borisov-Musatov was the painting of impressionists, p. Puvi de Shavannah, Symbolists.

The first works of the artist created upon returning from Paris are the rates of the landscape and figures in the sun, in which the desire to show freshness and the picturesque beauty of nature, a change in its colors under the influence of air and sun can be seen. This period also includes the picture of the “tree”, in which the principles and techniques of impressionistic painting were clearly manifested.

Option "Tree under the sun" (1896–1898) – Saratov State Art Museum. AND. N. Radishchev.

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