Flowers of world prosperity


The artist is Filonov

One of the discoverers of the new language in the art of the twentieth century p. Filonov created a cycle of twenty -two paintings "Input into world flowering", which includes this work. The whole cycle met his ideas about the future of world prosperity, in which art will triumph in human life. Each color point, in accordance with the analytical method created by it, is considered as "a unit of action" The whole picture. Working with a small brush, the artist created the canvas just as nature creates his forms from atoms meaningfully connected in a complex organism. The pulsating color and compositional rhythm creates the illusion of the vibration of the picturesque surface, gives it a special depth. Complex structures, as it were "grow from each other", Like crystalline formations. "Let the thing develop from private, to the last degree of developed forms, then you will see the real general, which you did not expect", – So the artist spoke about his creative method.

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