Portrait of Ida Rubinstein


The artist is Serov

The portrait belongs to the number of outstanding samples of Russian modern. Its style is dictated by the characteristics of the appearance and the nature of the art of the model – a famous dancer, famous for the performance of the Scheherazada party in the ballet of the same name to the music of n. AND. Rimsky-Korsakov, carried out by the entreprise with. P. Diaghilev in Paris. (AT.To.)

World of Art. SPb, 1998. With. 300.

Created a year before the early death of the artist, this portrait belongs to the number of issuing samples of Russian modern. His stylistics is dictated by the features of the human appearance and the nature of the art of the model – the famous dancer of Ida Lvovna Rubinstein, who became famous in Paris by the performance of Cleopatra and Scheherazada parties in the same ballets, carried out by the entreprise of. P. Diaghilev. In the appearance of the actress, in the nature of her dance, it seemed, the true ancient East came to life. The admired Serov said: “There is monumentality in every movement of it – just a revived archaic bas -relief”. The picture was executed in the summer of 1910 in Paris. Rubinstein posed for him naked, as the patricians once posed Titian. The master likened his heroine to the Assyrian relief, flattering the forms of her body, outlining them minted – either flexible, then with a breakdown – a line. Acute silhouette, exquisite and spicy color enhance the psychological characteristics of Rubinstein, depicted with the tragic expression of the eyes and mouth of the “wounded lioness” (according to Serov himself). Masterfully, a hint is given the volume of face, shoulders, legs. The game in contrasts inherent in modern: psychologism – decorativeness, volume – flatness, asceticism and at the same time the astringency of color – are the basis of the image of a spectacular and acute. (AT. To.).

Rubinstein Ida Lvovna (1880–1960) – ballet artist, student a. P. Lensky and m. M. Fokina. Participated in the first two "Russian seasons" with. P. Diaghilev. 1928–1935 – created its own ballet troupe.

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 120.

We play Rubinstein – a documentary of 2006 (channel "Culture")

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