Portrait of s. AND. Volkonskaya in a suit of tancred


The artist is Bruni

Zinaida Aleksandrovna Volkonskaya, nee Princess Beloselskaya-Belozerskaya (1789-1862)-wife of a coherent, prince n. G. Volkonsky, writer and musician, member of the society of lovers of literature and society of lovers of history and antiquities. Since 1824 she lived in Moscow; Famous scientists and writers gathered in her house. In 1829 she moved to Rome, where she moved to Catholicism and after death was reckoned with Blessed (Beata). Litograph portrait 3. AND. Volkonskaya in the form of Jeanne d’Arc, which is a variant of the picture of the Russian Museum, the princess sent in 1826 a. With. Pushkin indicating that it was made “with Bruni” (d’APRes Bruni).

Portrait of s. AND. Volkonskaya cannot be attributed to the type of ceremonial images in the narrow meaning of the word. In the work of Bruni there is no mandatory personality genre for this. The romantic nature of the image is obvious: such his perception is required by a semi -fantastic suit, armor and helmet, a wild landscape with rocks, a shade of contemplative loneliness and longing. Volkonskaya is depicted not posing, but as if dreaming, immersed in his own thoughts. The condition of the model is supported by exquisite color: all colors seem to flicker, flare up and go into twilight. On it is a costume of tankred, the protagonist of the opera of the same name. Rossini, which was placed in the Princess Salon in Rome. An image combining heroics and faith, love and readiness for feat, languor and determination, born of a fantasy Torquato Tasso.

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