The return of the soldier to the village


The artist is unknown

It is a rare example of the artist’s appeal to a direct and direct image of events from folk life in Russian painting of that time. In a several conditional manner, the author of the canvas shows against the backdrop of a typical rural landscape a meeting of an experienced soldier who returned from the war, his relatives and friends.

The picture entered the Russian Museum in 1968 from a private assembly. It was dated 1841 and signed by the name of Pavel Andreevich Fedotov (1815-1852), the authorship of which is not confirmed by the inherent image style of it. However, the picture is of undoubted interest in the unusual plot and the interpretation of images.

The tradition of showing people of the village in their characteristic setting goes back to the master of the 18th century Mikhail Shibanov, who are stored in the Tretyakov Gallery of the paintings “Peasant lunch” (1774) and “Festival of the Wedding Treaty” (1777).

Subsequently, close attention to real life situations is highly characteristic of A .G. Venetianov and his many students and followers. To this circle of artists, to a certain extent, was close and.AT.Luchaninov (1781-1824), author of the painting “The Blessing of the Militia of 1812” (1812).

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