The artist is Mashkov

Mashkov – leading master of art association „Diamond Valet “, the creative platform of which is based on the understanding of the achievements of the field of Cezanne, peculiarly fused with the traditions of Russian folklore. „Bread " – one of the most famous works of the master. The primary source of creative inspiration here is obvious-a provincial sign with its exaggerated-strict „materiality “and the desire to show wealth and abundance. The entertainment of the depicted, the objective element of the bread hungry with a mountain – this is the main thing that attracts the artist. With rapture, transforming the overwhelming motive, the author invites to enjoy the endless variety and quantitative scope of all kinds of varieties and colors of bread, rug, buns, loafers. And at the same time, despite the genuine feast of diverse textures and forms of demonstrating products, here, according to the apt remark of one of the artistic critics, it smells more like turpentine, paints and varnish than a fisted watering.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 289.

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