After spring rain


The artist is Krymov

The main theme of Krymov’s work is the Russian province. His attention is drawn to the picturesque corners of the Moscow Region, narrow village streets, cups of trees, illuminated by the sun. Krymov purposefully worked on the problem of transmitting a state of nature.

„In painting, the main task I consider the correct transfer of the general tone of the picture, that is, the degree of its common lightness or darkness. A good picturesque work cannot turn out if the artist is mistaken in determining the general tone," – the artist writes in an autobiography.

The early works of the artist (including this landscape) can be called moderately impressionistic: separate smear, clean colors. In them, Krymov sought to combine the immediacy of the impression with decorativeness, the generalization of the form with the thoroughness and subtlety of execution.

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